Dear beloved friends!

Let us part with this year that is now coming to completion!

Say farewell to 2016-accepting all the goodness and hardship of a time that is quickly slipping into the past.  Let us take responsibility for all of that has transpired this last year, everything that we did, or said, or witnessed; and let us do it with Grace!

In Buddhism we say...

All my ancient twisted karma,

From beginningless greed, hate, and delusion,

Born through body, speech and mind,

I know fully avow!

Together now, let us extend our vision, hope, and optimism into a new year for the planet. Let us make our mark in 2017 with RIGHT ACTION.

How? By opening to GRACE and standing UPRIGHT with HONESTY, TRUTH, GENEROSITY, COMPASSION to all events of our personal lives and of the planet at large.  We can choose to be the kind of human being we really wish to be from this moment on.  As Victor Frankl, the famous psychologist and Holocaust survivor,  said, "We do not have control over what happens to us, but we have a choice on how we react to it."  

Our heart's desire is to live in alignment with the highest power of goodness in life.

Let us go for it! Let us take responsibility for all of our life. Let us stop blaming others or the situation for what happens to us and to our country, and let us start by doing OUR PERSONAL BEST in all aspects of our lives: in our practice, let us be dedicated and true practitioners. In our work let us work hard and give our best.  In the neighborhood let us be the kindest, most conscientious neighbors. In our families let us be the most loving mothers, husbands, children, and grandchildren.


This is my gift and wish to all of us:  Do not hold back, but do your best NOW, be your very BEST SELF!  And see how our UPRIGHT STANCE will change our life and the life of everyone around us! 


To you and everyone you LOVE, meaning...