abhaya yoga

The Root Program-50 Hour TT

ROOT PROGRAM: 50 Hour Abhaya Yoga Immersion

Immerse Yourself in Yoga and the Roots of your Power!


Practice-Practice-Practice: Build new strength, alignment, flexibility.

Beginning our Fearless Journey by delving into our lives NOW, and,

Finding our Iccha / Deep Desire or Life Purpose.


Topics Covered

-    Asana Theory and Practice

-    Principles of Alignment

-    Categories of Asanas

-    Pranayama & Meditation

-    Abhaya Philosophy/6 Steps of Abhaya Yoga

-    A look into the History of Yoga

-    Inspiration from the Upanishads

-    Tantra: Tracing the seeds of our Iccha/Inner Desire

-    Eightfold path and the 5 Wonderful Precepts of Buddhism

-    Take a New Fearless Stance


Be ready to align in a stronger way and elevate body, mind, and heart into a new level of power and awareness. Thus we build the “Adamantine Body and Heart” which is the promise of Hatha Yoga.