abhaya yoga

Abhaya Yoga - Definition

Abhaya Yoga is a method combining Hatha Yoga movement, Meditation, and a practical Life Stance, created by Vivi Letsou, and inspired by the mudra that signifies Abhaya--NO FEAR.

Distilling the essence of classical and modern yoga styles, Abhaya Yoga uses strong principles of alignment, yoga therapy, and dynamic vinyasa (movement) to free the body, calm the nervous system, and focus the mind.

Through meditation, the highest alignment is also sought internally, as a bridge to harmonize our internal and external world.

Abhaya Yoga points to the liberating path of Self-Discovery and Fearless Action in Life!


  Abhaya Yoga - 6 Step Method  

6 Abhaya Steps to Balance

1)Align: Body―Mind―Heart
2)Body: Strong Principles of Alignment
3)Heart Intention: Iccha
4)Asana: Dynamic Practice
5)Yes to Meditation
6)Action: Fearless Upright Living

Abhaya, inspired by the Hindu and Buddhist Mudra that signifies “No Fear,” is a yogic path that seeks to align all parts of our life with the heart, our inner truth, the divine essence in all beings. Aligning with the highest power and deepest truth in us makes us fearless. Thus we step into the world and embody Abhaya Mudra!

1. Align: Body―Mind--Heart

In our practice we continuously strive to find the Middle Path, the place of balance and freedom. Thus we seek to ALIGN and RE-ALIGN all parts of our being: the structures of the BODY, MIND, (through breath & awareness), and deepest HEART intention, or Iccha. When all parts of our being come together harmoniously in the middle, we naturally achieve our highest potential, and our life becomes a song of joy and true meaning.

2. Body: Strong Principles of Alignment

Physically, Abhaya Yoga builds a strong healthy body. Following precise Strong Principles of Alignment, modern biomechanics and traditional Yoga techniques for posture (asana), breath (pranayama), and awareness (chitta), Abhaya Yoga is a dynamic vinyasa practice.

Strong Alignment equates to Yoga Therapy!

As we carefully practice each asana, and find our ideal body alignment, we discover the gateway of relief from pain and discomfort, onto health, strength, and well-being.

3. Heart Intention: Iccha

As the Brihadaranakya Upanishad says:
“You are what your deep, driving desire is.
As your desire is, so is your will.
As your will is, so is your deed.
As your deed is, so is your destiny.”
Let us strengthen and purify our journey by finding our true desire or Heart’s Intention--Iccha!

4. Asana: Dynamic Practice

In an Abhaya Yoga Asana class, we move with strong energy and awareness through a Dynamic Sequence of Asanas, following clear principles of alignment, our breath, and inner intention―Iccha!

Inwardly this alignment of body, breath, and concentration feels therapeutic: all layers of our existence feel harmonized:
healthy, more balanced.
Outwardly we witness the miracle of transformation.

5. Yes to Meditation

Meditation is the path of observation and self-knowledge; the Bridge that leads us from our small, fearful, contracted form to our higher, luminous SELF.

Zen Master Dogen: “To study the self is to forget the self. To forget the self is to be realized by one myriad things…”

Thus Abhaya Yoga is rooted in the practice of meditation.
Studying the self, we become friends with the self. Studying the world, we become friends with the world.

6. Action: Fearless Upright Living

More than a physical practice, Abhaya Yoga is a LIFE Stance!
Inspired by the teachings of the Buddha, ancient Yoga philosophy, and our classical Greek ideals, Abhaya mudra invites us to take the stance of being upright, and facing everything that happens in a heroic “Bodhisattva” way.

On a day-to-day, moment-by-moment basis we take this STANCE: Fearless Upright Living, following the precepts of honesty, compassion, and non-violence.

As Gandhi said: “Be the change you want to see in the world.”

Abhaya Yoga is a path of discovery, courage, and fearlessness!

Abhaya Yoga―Philosophy in a nutshell

Abhaya Yoga is the path to rediscovering our innate power and goodness. To live with optimum energy and health so we can realize our maximum potential. In practice and life, our action is based on our inner stance. When we align with the highest power within us, the path of action opens clearly. We abide by a code of Ethics so we can walk a life-path that is bold and fearless, inspired by compassion for all beings and our vision for a harmonious world.