Nancy & Vivi’s dream: Tantric Studies—Sally Kempton—Meditation—Assisi, Italy!

June 27, 2015

Sally Kempton shares during her meditation retreat in Assisi,  June 26:  “The vision of transformation in contemporary teachings is about an evolving consciousness that involves a constant dialog between our yoga practice/prayer/contemplating (where we begin to touch the ground of our being, or fall completely into the present moment, or have an experience of God) and our exterior or every day life. And then we come out with our insight or openness of that interior experience and take it out into our world experience. Then we begin to realize that our external lives and relationships are being transformed by that inner experience

Real transformation is: the dialog between what happens when you close your eyes and when you open your eyes.  For example:  You have a dilemma or a difficult question and you sit in meditation and take the question inside and somehow through that process of going into silence you understand something that you couldn’t understand or something changes that you couldn't change before. Our internal process is about connecting us with that source of pure being, presence, shakti, invisible presence. That presence becomes more visible and transforms situations in our lives. "