Vivi’s Healing Diary/India: Part 2 | Honoring our Feminine Divine Spirit:

Athens—March 3, 2016

Honoring our Feminine Divine Spirit:

Joy, Love, Friendship, Creativity, Compassion, Caring, Healing!!!


Dear friends,

My recent trip to India has filled me with a deep sense of gratitude, and appreciation for the Feminine Divine Spirit that appears in our life as the force of healing and connection with the fountain of infinite energy and power in life!   I went there to be treated at an ayurvedic clinic situated in a tiny village called Hariharapura in Karnataka. Trying to cope with exhaustion and depletion for some time now, I knew that the kind of healing I was seeking was not only physical, but also spiritual.  An eternal optimist, even lying in bed for several days while the treatment lasted, I knew that when you are clear about your intention and you state it clearly, the universe always answers. And answer it did, through countless blessings that came in plain view, or subtly disguised. I am still trying to decipher the meaning of so many gifts and blessings that were delivered to me.  In my two weeks there, I received not only the most efficacious treatment by the young and talented Ayurvedic doctor, Dr. Ashwin, and his caring mother and father, who is also a doctor, but was also gifted with a myriad blessings delivered though the people, sages, animals, and nature herself.  The blessings came in the form of sweet encounters with children and people of all ages in the village, through pleasant meandering walks in the flow of the shallow river, and also through tender bonding with some special bovine creatures (India's landmark wandering cows.) The blessings from the Lakshmi temple's holy man, Swamiji, as he is affectionally called by all, I am mentioning last because I am still relishing the feeling of this vast and mysterious connectedness that I felt in his presence. Blessings came not just for me, but for our entire country, along with strong encouragement for all of us in Greece.  

Swamiji and other sages I met in India seemed to strongly allude to Greece's power and light, especially as bequeathed to us from our ancient ancestors. It took me a while to start comprehending Swamiji' s encouragement as he steadily pointed out for me the importance of Greece's roots in the Feminine Divine Power in the form of Goddess Athena, for example.  What are the qualities that Pallada Athena stood for?  Wisdom, purity, fearlessness, and bright luminosity, all of which the people of Greece seem to be needing right now.  In my meditations, following the encouragement and guidance of these kind sages, I am starting to trace the steps of silence and devotion that lead directly to that source of light and wisdom. 

Yes, Swamiji gave me just this kind of blessing, a kind of a map for retracing the way that accords with our Greek heritage and current needs. The path is now more illuminated than ever, and I can discern that our life can be enriched by recognizing and celebrating that Feminine Divine Quality of life, the power in other words, that, as a loving mother, constantly provides us with protection, nourishment, healing, and endless creativity. 

Thus we are celebrating this New Spring and all New Beginnings!

Our beautiful team at NYSY is totally on board, already flowing in new ways of creativity. You will see soon our brand new website.  And personally I cannot wait to start sharing a new kind of powerful set of teachings with you. Feeling 100% healthy and strong, I invite you to join me: Let us head together to a brilliant New Phase of our lives! Time to recognize our incredible beauty, power, and strength!


Connecting with the Feminine Divine is not just for women either; men and women alike will benefit by recognizing the playful joyful creative energy that fuels our lives every moment. Opening to this flow of energy can bear incredible gifts and a brand new sense of life.

Are YOU ready dear friend?  Join us!

Abhaya greetings=NO FEAR!