Thoughts on healing and health!  


VIVEKA means deep insight, discernment, and true recovery requires a brave amount of it.  

At some point in our life we are bound to face health issues.  Yes, even us, strong and fit yoga teachers. :)  

Wonderful and creative as our life projects may be, I have become seriously fatigued, after our last colossal project of building a Yoga Retreat in Nature. Intense muscle pain has led me back to a familiar small ayurvedic retreat in India.  Here I find myself reflecting on the subject of health. Our health picture is deeply immeshed with our habits and karma. For me the fire of my intense effort tents to cause me burn out.  

In order to find our health equilibrium, we need to be able to go against the grain of our habits.  Change and restructuring our health profile requires deep rooted changes, something that our ego will stubbornly fight.  Our chain of habits account for our personality make up; we get entrenched in them and act through their sheer momentum, ignoring our true body needs and getting numb on the way.  In the process we manage to escape our real existential angst, deep anxiety and life pain. Even after some good healing therapy, our ego will not easily let us throw away our personality crutches and trust our root power. Most of the people, are too overwhelmed to go deep and attempt true transformation; people tent to hide behind their habits; and thus we age with great pain, and great inner problems and outer ailments.  

Re-gaining our optimum health status and equanimity requires a massive attempt to reconnect with our truth and all the layers of our SPIRIT SELF.  But, being devoted to the path of YOGA, to process of self-inquiry, what other choice do we have than to try our best to SEE?

VIVEKA means deep insight, discernment, and true recovery requires a brave amount of it.