@Okreblue Paros

@Okreblue in Paros

I came to #Matthew Sweeney’s retreat @Okreblue in Paros, because I was interested in his work with Vinyasa Krama.

Health issues have led me to search into the more restorative and therapeutic aspects of yoga practice, especially as taught today by Srivatsa Ramaswami, the one long time student of Sri TKV Krishnamacharya who is still alive and active in teaching Vinyasa Krama Yoga.

With the support of a very knowledgeable and experienced teacher, Matthew, and a dedicated sangha, I ended up practicing Ashtanga primary sequence, which gave me a lot of added strength and flexibility.

Also, the VK Moon Sequence that is Matthew’s signature creation, a deeply restorative and opening sequence for all ages and levels of experience. I understand why he named it Vinyasa Krama. 

The way I see it, it is because, the Moon Sequence is: Restorative, Grounding & Earthy, Hip Opening, Meditative, and uses the principles of VK as a breath-movement-awareness continuum, asana progression, and balancing flexion and extension asanas with counter-poses.

Feeling deeply grateful for the practice, the compassionate and friendly teaching, and this amazing retreat place #Okreblue, with its divine proximity to the beach, and the most friendly efficacious staff.

Two thumbs up on this end!!