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Vivi Letsou B.S., M.A.

Vivi has created Abhaya Yoga—Strong Alignment, Fearless Action— seeking a path that combines a clear life philosophy, strong Yoga asana practice, and the courage to live fearlessly.


A visionary and activist for positive change, Vivi loves to share the way of Yoga and Zen, two paths she has followed for over 20 years, while a filmmaker in California. Now the director and co-founder of NYSY Academy for Yoga and Pilates, and Avocado Vegetarian Café—two bright centers in the heart of Athens, Vivi is tireless of teaching and bringing the global community closer through the practice of “Healthy Mind in Healthy Body.”

Her vision is largely inspired by Zen Buddhism and the teachings of her respected Zen master, Reb Anderson, from the San Francisco Zen Center. On the yoga-pilates path, Vivi has practiced and taught in the traditions of Ashtanga Yoga, Vinyasa, Bhakti Flow, Anusara Yoga, and BASI Pilates.

Vivi’s passion for a brave and upright way of being is contageous. She would like every Abhaya Yoga class to be a journey of self-discovery, where students recognize their own power, beauty, and potential for positive change. Hundreds of bright yogis and yoga teachers have emerged from her workshops and teacher training programs, now spreading their unique light and holding the mirror for others, making our whole planet brighter!


Vivi Letsou holds the following Certifications

Bachelor of Science, Aeronautics Department of Engineering, SJSU, California

Master of Arts, Theater Arts, SJSU, California

Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Training, Tim Miller, San Diego

Asian Healing Arts Therapist, Acu-Pressure Institute, Berkeley

Acu-Yoga Instructor, Acu-Pressure Institute, Berkeley

Anusara Certified Teacher, till 2014

Bhakti Flow Certification, Rusty Wells, San Francisco

Yoga Alliance Certified Teacher, 500 hours, USA

BASI Pilates Certified Teacher, 500 Hours, California

Pre-Natal Yoga TT, Sue Elkind, Dig Yoga

Yoga Therapy Teacher Training, John Friend & Todd Norian

Ayurveda for Yoga Teachers, Arun Veda, Yogarasayana USA

and many others...