Refresh & Recharge Retreats

Yoga-Pilates-Restorative Breathing & Meditation

with Vivi Letsou

and/or our NYSY Academy Yoga and BASI Pilates Team


Refresh & Recharge Retreats


“There is no higher achievement than discovering our pure self and greater loss than dying without knowing who we are. When we discover our pure self we become aware of life’s purpose. This fills us with newfound vigor, vitality, enthusiasm, and the conviction that finding life’s purpose is our destiny.”  

Pandit Rajmani Tigunait, PhD., Himalayan Institute


Yoga at Zen Rocks Mani

Our potential for energy, creativity, and well-being is limitless. Yet, our daily stress and self-imposed limitations are constricting this natural flow of energy. When was the last time we felt fresh, happy, and alive, just like we did when we were children? This retreat in the heavenly healing embrace of nature in Mani has one single purpose: to refresh, recharge, and restore the spirit of health, energy, happiness and creativity in ourselves.

Vivi Letsou and her team of experienced Yoga, Pilates teachers and massage therapists will be your expert, compassionate, and joyful guides on this ideal vacation retreat focused on YOU!


Let this vacation be not just a mere vacation but a total LIFE TRANSFORMATION.

Are you ready to feel good all over again? 

To feel powerful, healthy, alive, and open to fall in love

with every moment in life, every being, and especially the most intimate ONE inside YOU?



07:00-8:00    Optional Pranayama/Rejuvenative Breathing
08.00-08.30    Optional Meditation
08.30-10.00 Energizing AbhayaYoga or BASI Pilates practice
10.00-11.00  Delicious Fresh Breakfast Buffet
11.00-18.00  Free time: Rest, Swim, enjoy a massage session

Options for extra Yoga or Pilates private Sessions.

18.00-18.30 Yoga Nidra–deep guided relaxation, or Walking Meditation
18.30-20.00    Restorative Yoga Practice
20.30    Dinner & enjoying the sunset
21.30-22.30 Options: Meditation, Music, Poetry, Kirtan/singing, Cultural Activities



Yoga Philosophy Quote from Pandit Rajmani Tigunait, PhD., and his book ‘The Practice of the Yoga Sutra, Sadhana Pada’

“Each human is an island of excellence. On the material plane, the human body and mind are the crown of creation.
To be born as a human is the finest gift and the greatest opportunity. The power inherent in our body and mind is immense…
We know our body and mind are the repository of priceless gifts and we have been given tools and means to discover those gifts.
Yoga is the means, but it is effective only when it is put into action.”


abhaya yoga logo


Abhaya Yoga Taught at Zen Rocks by Vivi and/or other teachers


Abhaya Yoga combines yoga Asana to Zen meditation.

It is a practice informed by Zen Buddhism and Hatha Yoga, and seeks to align our inner self and outer actions with the divine Truth. This alignment with the highest power makes us fearless.  We learn to move in a dynamic fearless way, through body, mind and heart, and our life becomes this Abhaya Mudra, the mudra that stands for “No-fear.” It is the Mudra you see both in Buddha’s statues and Yogic or Hindu deities.  You can try taking this stance: aligned with your inner truth, fearless through all your life and practice.


Abhaya Yoga is the path to rediscovering our innate power and goodness. To live with optimum energy and health so we can realize our maximum potential.  In practice and life, our action is based on our inner stance. When we align with the highest power within us, the path of action opens clearly.  We abide by a code of Ethics so we can walk a life-path that is bold and fearless, inspired by compassion for all beings and our vision for a harmonious world.

Abhaya Yoga Philosophy

What happens in an Abhaya Yoga Class?

We move with precise principles of alignment, strong energy,  and awareness through a dynamic sequence of asanas, following our breath, and our inner intention—Iccha!

Inwardly this alignment of body, breath, and concentration feels therapeutic: all layers of our existence get harmonized.

We feel strong and healthy, more balanced.

Outwardly we witness the miracle of transformation.


>BASI Pilates Classes taught at Zen Rocks by Vivi and/or other teachers

BASI Pilates is a form of Pilates exercise that combines conscious movement and breathing for the focused training of all body parts with great emphasis on the CORE, that is to say all the deep stabilizing muscles in our body.  Pilates is by itself a world recognized dynamic and precise form of exercise as developed by founder Joseph Pilates. However, the method has had many modern developments; one of the leading teachers of Pilates today is our partner Rael Isacowitz, founder of the BASI Pilates Method and world-leading Academy.


At the heart of the BASI Pilates method is the Block System®, a means of classifying and combining the hundreds of exercises in the Pilates repertoire. The Block System ensures the progressive structuring of classes within a flexible framework; creating sessions that are balanced, well-rounded, and address all planes of movement and multiple muscle groups.





Vivi Letsou


A visionary and activist for positive change, Vivi loves to share the way of Yoga and Zen, two paths she has sought to combine for over 20 years, while a filmmaker in California.  She returned to Greece in 2004 with a strong impetus to join and create enlightened communities.


Through her journey of teaching Yoga and practicing Zen, Vivi has been able to find a way of Practice & Action that makes us strong on all levels and helps us to triumph even in challenging circumstances.  Amidst the Greek economic crisis, Vivi and her beloved husband, Eraj, have managed to create successfully: NYSY Academy for Yoga and Pilates, and Avocado Vegetarian Café — two bright centers in the heart of Athens fostering community and a compassionate/healthy lifestyle.  Recently they completed another life long dream, building Zen Rocks, a stunningly beautiful retreat center in Mani/Southern Greece, dedicated to re-building human potential through the healing practices of Zen, Yoga, Meditation, Pilates, Exercise, meaningful nutrition, and restorative living.


Vivi is fully trained BASI Pilates teacher and educator.  She likes to incorporate Pilates in all her classes as a way to bring alignment, good stance, and integration into practice and life.


On the path of yoga, Vivi is a strong and charismatic Yoga Teacher and Teachers’ Educator.  She has trained well over 200 yoga teachers. Having taught in the traditions of Ashtanga, Anusara, and Vinyasa Yoga, Vivi has created Abhaya Yoga—a style that combines dynamic alignment-based asana, with the empowering philosophy of Tantra and Buddhist ideal of compassion for all beings.  She teaches internationally, as she loves to empower people through Asana movement, breath,  and the uplifting philosophy of Zen and Tantra.  With passion and enthusiasm, Vivi shares this incredible Abhaya Yoga journey with friends who are ready for transformation.


When you are ready for POSITIVE CHANGE, your life will CHANGE POSITIVELY!





7 nights at 1750€ for Double Personalised Luxury (DPL)* | 1550€ Double Deluxe Occupancy | 1300€ Triple Deluxe Occupancy | 1090€ dorm

* The DLP Package is a special package that includes, accommodation in double deluxe room, yoga or pilates classes, brunch-dinner, Holistic/ Ayurvedic Massage

PLUS 1 Private Consultation with the retreat teacher or with our health therapist.

* PERSONALISED HEALING PACKAGE (PHP) can be available at 200€ for all bookings. 

This package includes 1 Holistic/ Ayurvedic Massage PLUS 1 Private Consultation with the retreat teacher or with our health therapist.



Zen Rocks Mani Retreat
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Mani, Peloponnese 24016 Greece
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