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Path of Study

Abhaya Yoga Courses are an invitation to all those who are ready to delve into the heart of Yoga practice. Step by step you follow and embody the path of Strong Alignment—Fearless Action with Vivi and our strong team of Abhaya Yoga Certified Teachers. You will experience a transformation so powerful and illuminating that you may want to share it with others. Yes, you may be inspired to become an outstanding yoga teacher, after training in becoming a fearless — courageous -- compassionate human being through the path of Abhaya Yoga.

Vivi brings over 30 years of experience in studying and teaching yoga. She has been a spiritual seeker ever since she can remember. In the past Vivi has taught in the traditions of Ashtanga Yoga, Vinyasa, Bhakti Flow, and Anusara Yoga. Now she combines all this valuable knowledge in a powerful, clear, and concise system that will help you to understand the biomechanics of Yoga Asana, Therapeutics, and Vinyasa Sequencing.

You will gain a new level of strength through a very dynamic Asana Practice.

You will study Anatomy & Kinesiology with trained Physical Therapists and other specialists. You will also be exposed to Yoga Therapy and healing approaches to disease, trauma, and injury.

Going beyond Asana practice, we will delve into the Philosophy of Yoga, Tantra, and Zen Buddhism opening paths for understanding our minds and opening our hearts. You will be called to choose and chart your own personal spiritual path.

Above all, with each Abhaya Yoga journey you decide to take with us, you will become a stronger, healthier, more confident person, and eventually, an excellent yoga teacher, if you so choose.

Now you can embark on the Path of Fearless Living and Yoga Teaching.

Welcome to our Abhaya Yoga Community!


Abhaya Yoga Courses

Each Abhaya Yoga Course is a powerful and unique journey.

As serious Yoga practitioners and/or Yoga Teachers you always want to move towards deeper levels of self-discovery and refine your skills in excellence. The journey never stops, but our well-guided programs bring you to the heart of your life, and help you to be an effective, compassionate, and inspiring teacher.

Choose your path, and your own

Abhaya Yoga Course of Learning & Teaching Yoga:

* 200 Hour Abhaya Yoga Teachers in Training: The Foundation—Theory & Practice

* 33 Hour Abhaya Yoga Mini-Immersion & Teachers Review

* 300 Hour Abhaya Yoga Teachers Diploma, by attending the

  --100 Hour Teaching Skills Program

* 500 Hour Abhaya Yoga Advanced Teachers Diploma

Here is what our students say

om "Abhaya Yoga Vivi Letsou TT is a high quality international standards Teacher Training, and I was very lucky it was hosted at NYSY studios in Athens. The TT covered my immediate and long term needs as a Yoga Teacher so to acquire the knowledge, skills, abilities, experience and confidence needed to bring excellence in my teaching for the practitioners in Greece and worldwide.

It offered me insights into the Yoga philosophy and practice which are extremely important, therapeutic and life-saving in this difficult time of the crisis. This was possible by bringing alignment, therapy, strength, balance, energy and light to my body, mind and soul. As such, I was offered a complete analysis of the ways Yoga works via Yoga philosophy and asanas, as well as mantras, meditation and other practices such as Yoga Nidra, Kirtan etc. These threads and their interconnection were successfully delivered in full awareness by Vivi Letsou, and communicated to us verbally, by educational materials, direct practice, and also expert inidivdual observation and correction.

In this way, I was able to achieve my targets for a high quality expertise in teaching Yoga with love, awareness and action, also reflected on my personal and professional life. Besides the TT itself, the amazing experience journey and heart connection as well as the help and support from the wonderful NYSY team and Abhaya Yoga Kula were beyond any expectations!!"

Niki Lambropoulos

om "I wish to express my gratitude to Vivi Letsou and the NYSY Team, whose professionalism, deep knowledge and love, gave me the opportunity to delve deeper into the study of Yoga. Their exceptional Yoga Teacher Training course has been an exciting journey into this long tradition, full of  knowledge, joy and emotion. Every single moment of this journey, is a gift I will always carry in my heart."

Nancy Hitzanidou

om "This teacher training program has been an amazing journey for me during this year.  Not only did I find it extremely well organized, packed with great information and inclusive of everything I was interested in learning about, but I also thoroughly enjoyed meeting so many amazing people. "

Maria Tsaousidou

om "The teacher training delivered by Vivi and guest teachers is a very structured and complete course, with broad and detailed curriculum. Vivi's diverse background from engineering, art, management and yoga is a valuable asset which allows her to combine her skills to best effect. This exact intellectual broadness enables her to form similarly eloquent, educated and confident teachers."

Ognjen Prnjat

om "Τhe Teacher Training exceeded my expectations at all levels. Vivi gave piece of her soul so as to make us learn all the necessary. Thank you very much. "

Maria Danaka

om “A totally integrated and disciplined training for those who want to take Earth in their hands!!! A splendid journey into a new World! The World inside us!”

Elisavet Antoniadou

om “To be so lucky in life to be able to have such an extraordinary experience as the yoga teacher training at NYSY is a blessing! God bless you! Let´s get together and share…”

Andreas Sfyridis